Top 5 Myths about Drinking Water Busted

Top 5 Myths about Drinking Water BustedHow many times have you went around seeking natural solutions for glowing skin, weight loss, good digestion and more; and your search has ended on one resource - water? It is natural and is easily available, but is it essentially as good as it is proclaimed to be? There are myths regarding certain 'magical' qualities of water that are result of incomplete knowledge or lack of knowledge. It is therefore necessary to bust the myths hovering around drinking water and drive home clear viewpoint. Take a look, as we bust the top 5 myths surrounding water.


Myth#1 Drinking water between meals is bad for the digestion.

Myth Busted: There is absolutely no scientific evidences around such claims. Drinking water between the meals can probably reduce your appetite as your stomach feels full. If you were worried that drinking water between meals would seriously affect your digestion, forego of this thought, right away.

Myth#2 Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water is good and beneficial for health.

Myth Busted: This is again a very popular age-old myth that has traveled down through the generations, and across cultures and continents. Scientists, on the other hand, have proven that there is no direct or indirect correlation between drinking water all through the day and good health. Doctors recommend that one should drink water only to quench thirst.

Myth#3 Drinking excess of water is beneficial for your health.

Myth Busted: Scientists and doctors have pointed out that drinking excess amount of water is potentially harmful for the body as it would lower the concentration of salt inside the body. Water intoxication is considered to be a fatal situation when there is excessive dilution of sodium in the blood. This happens because the kidneys are over worked, and cannot excrete excess of water inside the body as urine.

Myth#4 Drinking water will help in cleansing the body’s toxins.

Myth Busted: Drinking excess water will not clear the toxins that form in your body. In fact, toxins are cleared by the kidneys. Drinking large quantity of water will show a possible reduction in the power of our kidneys to work as a natural filter.

Myth#5 Drinking water is healthy for the skin.

Myth Busted: Since 60% of human body is made of water, therefore, drinking plenty of water will give you a healthy and glowing skin. However, very little is accrued by the scientists and doctors on this matter. The beauty of our skin is result of genetics, diet, weather, lifestyle, etc.
Having an idea about the popular myths around drinking water will obviously help you to become clear on the facts related to it, and you too will be able to guide individuals who are living in dark with all these myths.


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